Beauty in the Broken

Something like the phrase “Beauty in the Broken” can sound so trite, and yet, gosh darnit, I think it’s true.  It was true as I noticed this broken glass on the sidewalk from a car window that had been smashed in.

And in fact, a whole Japanese philosophy/perspective is based almost exactly on this principle of finding beauty in the broken: wabi-sabi.  Perfection is strived for in our dominant Western culture, but in Taoism something that is perfect means that no further growth or development can take place. In fact, “perfection” is considered equivalent to death.

Well, look how alive we are then! How alive are we, how alive is our congregation, how alive is the U.S. political system, and how alive is the world!  In order to nurture the kind of growth and change we yearn for– growth and change that leads us all to a more compassionate and just world–we have to learn to see beauty in the ugly.  Not so as to erase the ugliness, but instead to nurture our spirits so that we do not fall into despair and can be fully alive.

In other words, perfection is just not our goal.

Please join us for worship this Sunday: Bootstraps to Beltstraps- The broader culture, as well as the Unitarian-Universalist tradition, has over-emphasized individualism. How can we work our way from “pull yourself up from your boot-straps” to interdependence and right relationship? Worship leaders: Todd Whiteley, Brian Wise, and Jorge Torrez.


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