This week, I got to participate in a minister’s study group I have been going to for the past 6 years.  A group of 10-12 UU minister’s gather at an Episcopal retreat center in the Redwoods and we share and discuss papers we have written, lead worship for one another, and lead each other in some spiritual practices to help us restore our spirits.  This is a group of colleagues I deeply trust and care about and who are able to minister to me.

Because there was so much trust in the group, so much energy and creativity was unleashed among us.  Conversations  (and tears) could just flow.  And I thought about how THIS kind of experience– of trust, care, and creativity is the kind of experience I want you all to experience at UUFSC.  A religious community is supposed to be a different kind of place in our lives– different from work or home, or places where you may volunteer.

Such an experience does not come immediately or quickly– it is in the sixth year of participating in this study group where I had such a deep experience of trust and flow.  But when we invest in relationships with the right people, we can create the kinds of spaces where our most authentic and creative selves show up loud and proud. And LORD knows in these times, we need our most authentic and creative selves to be growing strong and showing up in our hurting world.

Please join us for worship this Sunday: Believe It or Not– Despite all the messages telling you otherwise, there is nothing wrong with you.  Join church member Elaine A. as she shares how the Unitarian Universalism of this community that helped truly and deeply learn this lesson.  Worship leaders: Dee Hawksworth, Elaine Arnold, and musician Jorge Torrez.

Regarding the Coronavirus– church leadership is staying abreast of the latest news and will follow recommendations of the CDC, local government and school authorities.  At this time, we will continue with our normal church life together with some slight modifications (for example, we will not be holding hands at the end of worship this Sunday). We ask all community members to follow the CDC recommendations you have been reading/hearing about, listed below for your convenience.  If suspension of large gatherings is recommended by authorities, we may suspend services and other programming. Events may be live-streamed or video-conferenced instead of held in person (the church has a Zoom video-conference account, available for use by church members). Major cancellations will be announced on our facebook pages and website.

  • Please stay home if sick or feeling at all ‘under the weather’: All community members, including staff, should stay home (or seek medical attention) if they are sick or they have any flu or cold-like symptoms until at least 24 hours after fever and symptoms are gone.
  • Wash hands often and/or use hand sanitizer (bring some hand sanitizer to share!)
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when sneezing (disposing of them frequently), or sneeze into your sleeve elbow.
  • Get lots of sleep, manage stress, drink fluids and eat healthy foods, and maintain the physical and spiritual practices that keep you feeling healthy.
  • Avoid exposure: Avoid close contact with those who are sick. With members experiencing flu-like symptoms,pastoral care, visits, and/or meetings by phone or internet, and not risk exposure

I personally appreciated this hand washing guide that Adrienne Maree Brown found and shared:



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