A Time for Creativity

Fear. Anxiety….these are totally normal responses to the pandemic we find ourselves in.  Our “lizard brains” go into overdrive– sometimes in helpful ways, sometimes not.  That’s why I made this video, because laughter is great for helping us get out of our ruminating and anxious ruts:  Out-Takes of Minister Trying to Connect with Congregation During COVID-19 Pandemic

But in all seriousness, this is a time for creativity.  We may need to take physical space from groups in order to care for one another, but we do not need to isolate or be disconnected.  You all know I have mixed feelings about social media and the various ways technology is impacting human relationships. And I have no doubt that at this moment, social media and other technologies are a blessing– ways to connect even as we take physical space.  How quickly our opinions change!

A church member has created a special facebook group for church members and friends to post brief video check-ins.  If you are not familiar with the video-taking technology on your phone, use this time to try to learn!  The church is going to be trying to use our Zoom video-conferencing program for meetings and maybe even worship, so start experimenting with Zoom as well.

I know these are strange, scary times.  Now that we have to suspend so much of our usual patterns of living, we also have an opportunity to invite new ways of beings into our lives.

This Sunday– ONLINE WORSHIP ONLY! (details to come).  Effective as of Friday morning 3/13/20, UUFSC is temporarily suspending all in-person gatherings over 10 people until further notice, including Sunday morning worship and youth spiritual formation. We are following new guidelines put out by California Department of Public Health on Wednesday evening March 11th 2020. You can read these guidelines by clicking here. We are going to try to do a Facebook LiveStream on the church’s facebook page. More details to come on this– please check your email and/or the church Facebook page Saturday afternoon for details on how to access the online experience.  This will NOT be a polished production but an adventure in learning how we can connect even when we are farther apart. 

We Are Not As Smart As We Thought
Wisdom is different than knowledge or information– it offers guidance about
 how to live, often in ways we strive and/or struggle to fulfill.  When was a
 time when you thought something was true, but then later gained a deeper understanding?  Worship leaders:  Brian Wise, Todd Whiteley, Rev. Darcy and Sue Cotter.


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