Luscious Intimacy Without Touch

One of my good friends wrote this article for the NY Times (click here to read: My Life Is More ‘Disposable’ During This Pandemic ).  It is about his experience as a rabbi with chronic health conditions and his experience of a lot of the language used regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.


This is a redrawn version of a Vox graphic, posted on Twitter by epidemiologist Anne Marie Darling

Before we were in middle of a pandemic, I was thinking a lot about the climate crisis and how there was a bitter irony that many of the groups most oppressed and exploited by our late stage capitalism society are the ones who might have the most wisdom about how to survive it.   It is a bitter irony because I say this as a white able-bodied (for now) woman in the U.S.  who has many unearned privileges and blessings bestowed upon her– privileges that have come at others expense regardless of whether I wanted them to or not.   And now those who are considered “disabled” might have the wisdom those of us not (yet) in that category need to survive.

“I have spent years of my life rarely leaving home. Being stuck at home due to illness often sucks, but sometimes it is other things, too. Calm. The kinds of connection that can only come from profound slowness, from borrowing down instead of stretching out. Even as we withdraw physically, our emotional and spiritual need for others has never been more visible. I already knew that we needed one another in intimate ways that go beyond the capacity of our bodies to connect. Disabled people are experts in deep, luscious intimacy without touch. We are used to being creative.” Rabbi Elliot Kukla,

That line about disabled people being “experts in deep, luscious intimacy without touch.”   YES.  That is what we all need to be reminded of right now–that we can still have powerful connection, even “luscious intimacy” without physical proximity.

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