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What is Reproductive Justice?
Unitarian Universalists have clearly claimed our ground. We are “Standing on the Side of Love,” especially for same-sex marriage. I’m proud of the rainbow flag that flies outside my church. But it has been nearly twenty years since our denomination has claimed any significant ground regarding reproductive issues. What does it mean to “stand on the side of love” when it comes to decision-making about our bodies, sexuality, and families?

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Published by The Religious Left ( 

Legacies of Justice: Roe v. Wade and MLK
“Working on a national abortion hotline is how I learned to pray.” Opening Words from the “Honoring Legacies of Justice: 40 Years of Roe v. Wade” public service, held in Oakland on Sunday evening, January 20th, 2013.

Messy and Complicated 
Religious teachings are intended to make us flawed and fallible human beings wrestle with the messiness of life.

Published by the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, January 2012:

Where Do We Go From Here: Reflections on Whiteness and Reproductive Justice for MLK Day
Reproductive justice activism is a continual spiritual practice that actively nourishes my resistance to the debilitating (White) ethic of control.  Because, at the heart of reproductive justice is the deeply held value that we should trust women unconditionally with the sacred power of creating, deciding, and nurturing human life. 

Published by RhRealityCheck

National Religious Group Votes to Make Reproductive Justice A Priority for Action
Here is some religious liberty news that we reproductive justicers can celebrate: on Saturday, hundreds of Unitarian Universalist congregational delegates voted to make Reproductive Justice their next action and study issue.

A Tiller Kind of Love, Transforming Our Movement
How do we in the reproductive health, rights, and justice movement reach that Tiller kind of love, a fierce, compassionate, kind, and transformative love?

Appreciating and Supporting Abortion Providers: A Call To Communities of Faith
How will you let abortion-care providers know that in a harsh world devastated by coercion and violence, you understand that radical acts of compassion and justice, like providing abortion-care, are exactly what we need more of?

Mammograms, Contraception, and Abortion are Always Political, Even Religious. We Ignore This At Our Peril
“Keep politics out of women’s health” is a sentiment we have heard a lot regarding the Komen debacle. But isn’t it always political? Perhaps even always religious?

Talking About Abortion: Civility and Liberal Impotence
While civility is certainly a virtue, there is such intense and insidious suffering in this world that liberals need to wield a stronger weapon than civility against the evils of violence—both the violence perpetrated by tyrants who rule nations and the violence perpetrated by tyrants who rule their homes

On Health and Rights, What Happened to the Churches?
There was a time in this country when liberal religion gave progressive movements moral, ethical, spiritual, and religious grounding. When I talk and teach about abortion, about why we need to support later-abortion and the people who provide them, I can do it because I was raised in a tradition that gave me an ethical and spiritual foundation to address such moral and emotional complexity.

Dr. Tiller’s Crucifixion and Resurrection
Tiller was able to do what many of us liberals have not: harness profound spiritual and religious power, providing abortions later than almost all of his colleagues.

What Do We Do With the Fear of Disenfranchisement?
Accessible abortion (and birth control) means loss and grief for those who derived a sense of security under the old societal arrangements, loss and grief that easily converts into fear and rage.  What might the reproductive justice community gain by attending to this grief? What would attending to that grief even look like?

Our Movement’s Mitzrayim
When and how do we allow, if not enable, dehumanization to occur in the abortion providing movement? 

The Ethical, Spiritual, and Moral Foundation of the Abortion-Provider Community
Those who provide access to abortions have ethical, spiritual, and religious wisdom that this world needs.

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Prop 8 Is Passing And I’m Listening
“I will listen to you, especially when we disagree.” This is the line that stuck out most to me Tuesday night, listening to Obama’s victory speech. And I wonder what it means for us struggling with the implications that California Prop 8 won-for the first time in American history, a constitution will be amended to take rights away from a group of people.

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