Preaching, Praying, Dancing


Sermon: Until Your Well Runs Drydarch leading song
On Earth Day,  we focus on the essential element of water and how we can “tend to our wells,” literally  and spiritually. (Delivered at Starr King UU Church, CA 4/27/14).

Sermon: The God We Don’t Believe In
Theologian Dr. Rebecca Parker once said “Tell me about the God you don’t believe in. I probably don’t believe in him either.” Join me in exploring the messiness of the G-word and how to respond to your father-in-law’s best friend when he asks you at a wedding reception dinner “Do you believe and have faith or are you one of those Unitarians who just doesn’t know?” (Delivered at the Starr King UU Church in Hayward, CA on 7/13/13. This sermon is a good example of how I like to employ interactive and participatory preaching tools.)

Homily: The Jewish Part of Town
During this time of Passover, how can we understand the Unitarian Universalist relationship to Judaism? (Delivered at the Starr King UU Church in Hayward, CA on 3/24/13. Rev. Katie Kandarian-Morris and I split the sermon–my portion begins at the 8m 30s mark.)

Sermon: Holy Curiosity 
One of the teachings of liberal religion is to “never stop questioning.” Questioning, doubting, seeking–these are essential to our religious tradition. Essential, though at times exhausting. Is there a time for trust? When is our curiosity holy? When is it harmful? (Delivered at Starr King UU Church, CA 1/13/13).

Sermon: Whom Do You Serve
My introductory sermon to the Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley. My opening words are from Sweet Honey in the Rock’s song “We Are”, which the choir sung after my sermon. Topics: Unitarian Universalism, embodiment, sexuality education, reproductive justice, power, Dr. George Tiller.

Sermon: Into the Woods
If only the woods were the scariest thing we had to confront– while the church was putting on a production of Sondheim’s Into the Woods, the congregation was dealing the news of Gabrielle Gifford being being shot and difficult revelations of abuse in the local community.


God of Many Names, Prayer for Healing

Meditation and Prayer


Balm in Gilead

A liturgical dance offered in the wake of heartbreaking news.


Dancer/choreographer Sarah Bush and I co-lead a workshop with congregants that produced this liturgical piece for Easter Sunday.

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